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About us

The department of International Business 
was established in 1990 and has since bred many outstanding professionals in international trade. With the advent of the electronic era and the rapid change of  industrial framework and structure, globalization has become one of the major  strategies for business sustainability. Excellent personnel in international business  are the key to corporate success in globalization. To meet the demand for such  personnel, our department has developed a student-centered strategy. In addition  to providing the department with certified and recognized faculty, we offer our  students a systematic language training program, state-of-the-art information  technology resources, and complete course planning, so that students will certainly  not be empty-handed when they finish their studies here.

According to the "College Graduates employment force Survey," by the National  Youth Commission, employers believe that there are eight requisite employment  qualities: good working attitude, stability and resistance to stress, self-expression  and communication skills , expertise and technology, skills to explore and solve  problems, willingness to learn and to be shaped, foreign language skills , and  commitment to teamwork. We expect our students to make the best use of the  resources that our department and STUST provide during their stay here and to  always ask themselves to enhance their employment strengths. We firmly believe  that they will be able to have a great career in the future.