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The teaching resources are as follows:

( A ) Teaching Space:



Seminar room (S507)

For graduate program classes

Seminar room (S508-5)

For discussions on project writing and graduate thesis writing

Seminar room (S508-6)

For discussions on project writing and graduate thesis writing

Multimedia language Laboratory (S502)

Primarily for computer and language classes of the department and occasionally for educational training of international trade or international business software

International Business Laboratory (S509)

For educational training purposes and students' self- learning

International Trade Simulation Laboratory (S509-1)

For after-school discussions , trade fair internship , and meetings

International Business and Tourism Operations Management Laboratory (T510)

to share resources and Leisure Department


Teaching activities of the graduate program mainly take place at S507 and S509-1, while general classes for undergraduate courses are given in ordinary classrooms, where equipment is good enough for teachers to make effective use for their teaching and learning activities.

Computer and language classes are mainly arranged in S502, while some classes can also use S509 as a computer room for related drills. Currently the department system is sufficient to provide computer classroom for teaching purposes. The use of ordinary classrooms for general purposes is coordinated by the Office of Academic Affairs according to class schedules, which are mostly arranged on the 5th floor of S Building.

The College of Commerce has been actively integrating college -based or cross- department teaching laboratories. Currently, these include the Supply Chain Finance Practice Lab (shared by the Department of Accounting and the Department of Finance) , the Corporate Operation Classroom ( with a host system for 7 departments to use ERP, business intelligence, KPI, and other educational software) , and the Trade Fair Laboratory (shared by the Department of International Business and the Department of Leisure, Recreation, and Hospitality Management) .


(2 ) Educational software : the department has purchased a wide range of educational software systems connected with international trade, business simulation, marketing, BOSS, ERP, financial certificates, etc. There are also statistical software systems for research and graduate study, including Eviews, LISREL, MATLAB, Statistica, SPSS, STATA , etc. These software systems are also available for students and teachers to use in class and for individual study.