Undergraduate Program

1. To make the curriculum linked to industry standards, the department has adopted to its 4-year undergraduate curriculum more elective courses of professional skills and elective courses of other branches of knowledge, in addition to the required courses of general education and the required basic courses of the department. The department divides the undergraduate elective courses into "international trade program" and "international business program." Students have to take at least 20 credits from each program of these specialized elective courses before they are given a program certificate. Every student must obtain at least one program certificate before he or she graduates. In addition, the department runs a MICE program along with the Department of Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Management and Applied English Department as a joint curriculum plan to provide students with diverse options. To obtain a certificate for this interdisciplinary program, a student must take at least 15 credits from the elective courses.


2. In addition to the above programs, the department requires the 4-year undergraduate students to meet the following requirements before they can graduate:

l   To acquire two credits by an intern project and a required project report.

l   To acquire professional licenses as listed in the implementation measures of internship of the department or accepted licenses from private sectors.

l   To pass the language proficiency tests as listed in the foreign language proficiency implementation measures of the department.

l   To acquire foreign internship credits as listed in the foreign language internship measures of the department.


3. Course offering to the 4-year undergraduate program is given according to announcement of the Office of Academic Affairs, as listed on the following URL for Chinese curriculum : http://academic.stust.edu.tw/tc/node/course1